Workspace Wonder

Close To My Heart Workspace Wonder
Create Your Workspace to Fit Your Needs!  
Rearrange as often as you want until you get it right for you!

Watch this video to give you more ideas on how to use your 
Workspace Wonder pieces.

Use These Heavy Duty Plastic Pieces To Create Your Workspace!
They fit inside the grooves and match perfectly!
Buy the pieces that you need!

Think Outside the box and use these for much more than they were designed for.   See my pictures below for ideas. 

 Ideas of Ways to stack your Workspace Wonder.

I have 4 complete sets; plus several additional pieces to fit my crafting needs.  I planned ahead for the future of more new CTMH Ink pads; which we all know will happen.  I realized there were many uses other than what these items were created for.  See the picture below of my Workspace Wonder stacks.  I have more pieces ordered and on the way; but this is what I have currently.

As you can see, I am using the stamp pad holders for other items as well a stamp pads.  I am using my marker holder for tools I need close at hand.  I have a swivel stamp pad/marker holder on the left that holds the older CTMH 60 stamp pads and markers.

I have purchased 4 more marker holders for this space here; which will go on the left side.  

I have my Cricut markers in one of the marker holders; on the right side.

8 Paper Trays; with large Tray, 3 stamp pad holders, 1 small tray and 1 tool caddy.  I am using this storage space for my Cricut Marker refills.  I have just started buying them; so this worked perfectly.  I haven't had time to fill my paper trays yet.  I have purchased two more stamp pad holders for this space.

Contact me by Facebook messenger, text, email or phone with any questions.  I am always glad to answer your questions.

 Remember - Keep On Creating!!
It's Good For Your Health!!

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