This page is a work in progress.

I am going to include as many tutorials as I can on my blog and links to websites with tutorials.  I want to provide you easy access to tutorials here; so you can make your own beautiful creations.  I just started using them; so be patient as I add more when I have time.  Some I have made; many I haven't tried yet.  I know everyone loves tutorials.  Check out my video tab for video tutorials. Enjoy!! 

 Sites With Tutorials For All Types of Projects
  1. StamparticTutorials- Variety of topics
  2. Cardville (Elizabeth)
  3. Vertical Step Card - Variety of tutorials
  4. Sweet Stamps - Tutorials
  5. My Time Made Easy - Videos
  6. Operation Write Home - Tutorials
 Card Tutorials
  1. Magic Card                                                             My Magic Card
  2. Gateway Easel Card                                               My Gateway Easel Card
  3. Center Step Card                                                    My Center Step Card
  4. Card-Making-Magic Tutorials
  5. Twisted Easel Card                                                 My Twisted Easel Card
  6. Side Step Card (By Norma)
  7. Double Tag Card - (Marianne)
  8. Diamond Origami Fold Card - Splitcoast Stampers
  9. Side Step Card - Another Version - Splitcoast Stampers
  10. Side Step Dresser Card
  11. Melissa Made Tutorials
  12. CTMH Swing Cards on Cricut Artiste Cartridge - Chart on each card and where to find shapes and sizing for each one.   See her entire post showing swing cards with a free chart on this post.  It was created by Rebecca Brown.
  13. Card with a Cake Tutorial - Scroll down on her post to Manuela's tutorial.
  14. Holiday Masking Tutorial - Awesome way to create snow
  15. Easel Card - Simple one to create using Splitcoast Stampers
  16. Pop Up Card Tutorial - Splitcoast Stampers
  17. Fan Card Tutorial - By Katie at Inky Angel
  18. Criss-Cross Card - Splitcoast Stampers
  19. Tent Card - Splitcoast Stampers
  20. Criss Cross Card - 6 x 6 size 
  21. Round (Shaped) Side Step Card Tutorial
3D - Items

  1. Matchbox Dresser
  2. 3D Box Card - Video

Other Projects
  1. Paper Made Pinecone Ornaments - Splitcoast Stampers (You can use decorative paper too.)


  1. Gloria,
    Super page. It is wonderful to find such talented people who constantly share sites where we can learn new things. You are a leader at heart, I am quite sure. Blessings,

    1. Thanks so much Carole. I love to teach others and I believe in sharing what I know to help others. I wish I had more time to search the Internet; but then my site would be so big it would take a week to go through. LOL!! I give away as much as I can to my customers; most of the time more than I make. My belief is that we are here to serve each other and to bring joy and comfort to as many as possible while we are here on this earth. I am doing all I can to make that happen. You have been such a blessing to me Carole. I appreciate all your encouragement and kind words. Have a blessed weekend and week to come. Hugs, Gloria

  2. You have a great site, Gloria. I love that you have all these useful links in one place.

    1. Thanks so much Jean. I appreciate your kind words. I try to help everyone to find things easily. Hugs, Gloria


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